A panoramic map is produced according to your wishes and expectations using latest technology, geographical expertise and an artistic sense for what is important. Information from topographical maps, satellite pictures, digital elevation data (DEM´s) SRTM-Radar-data, aerial pictures and 3-D models is combined in a panoramic map to show your region at its best.

First of all different data is combined to produce a virtual model of your region. This model is then enhanced with all the information that is neccessary to give a first 3D impression of the region in question. It can now be easily and flexibly used to find out the best and most appealing appearance of the scenery. The following points will be taken into consideration when designing your Panoramic map: the size of the area it will be showing, the viewing angle, position of the horizon, inclination, perspective, illumination and direction of light. All these factors will be influenced, defined and specified by your wishes and ideas. At the same time I will give you experienced advice to complete the perfect result and the most appealing design. I therefore like to be in close touch with my customers during this proccess. Thus the customer’s wishes can be best integrated into the project and I can optimize the map according to your wishes.

A variety of individual and subjective decissions have to be made in order to highlight and present the individual character of the landscape in the best way. Finding the perfect angle of vision for an appealing presentation of your area is a process that cannot be done by the PC . Aesthetic depiction of every type of landscape has to be combined with professional understanding of terrain. That is the reason why - even nowadays - the final product continues to be handpainted! Now the illustration gets its typical and unique charakter.

Step by step all the topographical content is added to the map such as streets, waters, vegetation, cities different forms of land use etc. So the map grows bit by bit. By exaggerating the typical and intimate forms of the terrain the character of each type of landscape is highlightet and the hidden beauties are revealed. The artist then adds atmosphere, lighting effects and seasonal aspects to the map.


All maps are only released from my studio after they have been fully approved by you. Your wishes and requests are always paramount and will guide the high quality production of your map. When planning your map I will happily advise you about the best way to represent your scenery to achieve the best possible result for your area. My customers always receive their data ready to print and in high resolution, this includes layout and texts, enabling you to always work with your map in a flexible way.


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Puerto Montt

Recording of radar surface data

Calculating a DEM (digital elevation model)

Rendering of surface area

Transforming and editing of the terrain

Completed map

Finished map, including text and layout to be used as a poster

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