Would you like to show your region at its best and at the same time deliver all geographical information? Then add to the solely geographical content given in an ordinary map and present your area by showing all its beauty and typical character with a panoramic map.


First I will use digital models to design a sketch of the future map. In this sketch the exact borders of the area in question will be determined. Furthermore the angle of vision, format and perspective of the map will become clear. This preliminary map will give you a good idea of what your later map will look like. In this first phase close teamwork between yourself and the Panoramastudio will guarantee that your ideas and wishes will be fully incorporated in your panoramic map.

I will recommend ideas and advise you along the way and the most important features of the final version of the map will be decided. Only when you are fully satisfied with the initial draft will I start to draw the actual map. During this process I will keep you updated with the current progress of the map by providing images of the work in progress. At any time you can add and alter the map according to your wishes and I will be in touch with you until the map is completed.

In the last step of the production layout, title and textpositions are decided. Again your input and ideas will be paramount in this phase.In this way you can for example integrate your logo, special cultural requirements or highlight specific features of the area. Additional layers can be added to your map at any time even in the future. This enables you to keep your map up to date with new developments like walking- and cycle paths, new sights, viewpoints, ski runs and lift developments.

All maps are only released from my studio after they have been fully approved by you. Your wishes and requests are always paramount and will guide the high quality production of your map. When planning your map I will happily advise you about the best way to represent your scenery to achieve the best possible result for your area. My customers always receive their data ready to print and in high resolution for their map, this includes layout and texts, enabling you to always work with your map in a flexible way.

I am looking forward to working for you. Please get in touch for your personal offer and let me inform you about any further details you need on your way to a panoramic map of your region.

Entwicklungsstudie 1

Rendering satellite data as a DEM (digital elevation model)

Entwicklungsstudie 2

Digital sketch to give a rough impression how the later map will look like

Entwicklungsstudie 4

Working out all important contents and features and highlighting topographic characteristics

„LANDSCAPE is alive and varied, so why hide its character and many features in an abstract map? In my panoramic maps visitors can find what they expect, what they like and recognize and what makes them curious and interested in a specific area. Panoramic maps offer all of the following: topographical information, visualization and beauty of an area shown at its best.“    

Alexander Koenigs

Studio 01

Digitizing a finished panoramic map in the studio